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Commodity:Automatic IC Card Milling Machine
Introduction:Automatic IC Card Milling Machine YC-ICM is used for milling the grooves on the standard card carrier, which can meet the demand of embedding various chips. The machine consists of card transporter, c...
Commodity:Automatic IC Card Embedding Test Machine
Introduction:Automatic IC Card Embedding Machine YC-ICE is used for examining various chips, applying glue, cutting and planting the chips in milled grooves to achieve IC card embedding. The machine consists of ca...
Commodity:Semiautomatic IC Card Milling Machine
Introduction:YC-ICSM semiautomatic IC card milling machine is used to mill cavities on the standard card carriers, which would meet the demands of embedding different chips. The machine is controlled by PLC....
Commodity:Semiautomatic IC Card Embedding Machine
Introduction:YC-ICSE semiautomatic IC card embedding machine is used to embed different type of chips into milled cavities and achieve IC implanting....
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