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Commodity:All Lamination Machines List
Model: YCY Series
Introduction:This article lists all laminating machines and describes how to choose the right model No.

All of our laminators are Hydraulic pressure, Electric heating, Water circulation cooling.
Commodity:A4, Normal Control, Single Tower, 3 Heat+3 Cool; Laminator
Model: YCY-115FA4 250*350
Introduction:1. Designed for small scale card factories to produce plastic PVC cards.

2. Suitable materials: PVC、ABS、TESLIN、PC、PET、PETG、Synthetic paper, etc.

3. Lamination board...
Commodity:A3+, Intelligent Control, Double Towers, 5 Heat+5 Cool; Lamination Machine
Model: YCY-215D 420*520
Introduction:1. Designed for large and medium card factories.

2. Meet the needs of various types of smart cards, chip cards, Inlay, electronic label lamination process.

3. Suitable ma...
Commodity:A3+, Intelligent Control, Single Towers, Heat and Cool integrated 5 daylights; Laminating Machine
Model: YCY-115Y 425*520
Introduction:1. Designed for large and medium card factories to produce high end smart cards and Inlays. Such as RFID cards, RFID labels, IC cards, national ID cards and their Inlays.

2. Suitabl...
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